Wedding Hashtags and Snapchat Filters: A Guide

Wedding hashtags and Snapchat filters are almost a given in today’s weddings! While they are both totally optional, they require minimal effort and expense. So why not!


Wedding hashtags can be a fun way to organize your guest’s photos during your wedding. For Instagram and Facebook you can search your hashtag after the wedding and if you guests used the hashtag you can see all of their photos. Your hashtag can also be used leading up to the wedding at events like wedding showers!

Unless you have a “punny” last name, it can be difficult coming up with your hashtag! There are hashtag generators, but most just use different combos of your last names (not the best). Take it from a girl who asked everyone she knows to come up with ideas, it’s hard!

Just remember these things:

  1. Sometimes the simpler the better- ours was #welcomingwelch
  2. Try using either of your last names. It doesn’t have to be your new last name.
  3. Keep it short, or super easy to remember. Skip hard to spell words. You need your guests to use the correct hashtag!
  4. Don’t stress! Hashtags are fun, but there are more important things for you to worry about for your wedding!

Snapchat Filters

Snapchat filters are a cheap and fun way to brand your wedding! Most filters will cost $20-$40 to set up through Snapchat and the design is around $5-20. Your total investment will be around $60 max!

For the design of the filter, you have a few options. Etsy has pre-made options that the stores will let you customize the names and dates. Snapchat also has a design studio when you are setting up your filter. This is very limited. With your Complete Wedding Branding, a Snapchat filter design is included! I can also provide pricing for just the filter design.

Setting up and purchasing your filter is so easy! Just remember, Snapchat takes 1-3 days to review your filter. A last minute decision to add a filter to your wedding may not be feasible. I advise you to set it up at least two to three months ahead of time.

To set up the filter visit:

  1. Upload your design file, or create your own.
  2. Choose your wedding date.
  3. Choose the time you would like it to run (I did mine all day until midnight).
  4. Find your venue location.
  5. Draw a “fence” around your venue. I would do the whole venue, not just your specified area/ballroom. In case guests wander.
  6. Here you will see your price. You can edit the fence or time if you are over your budget.
  7. Check out!
  8. You should receive an email verifying your filter was submitted. In a few days, you will receive another email with the approval.

That’s it!

Displaying Your Hashtag and Snapchat Filter

Your poster or chalkboard sign with your hashtag and Snapchat filter info should be in a highly visible place. Some great options would be by the guestbook, gift/card table, bar or entry table. This sign is an option with my Complete Wedding Branding package!

Check out my design package here:

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