How Do I Choose an Online Printer for My Wedding?

Online printing has come a long way and is going to be your best friend for your wedding. When you work with me, I provide you with the design files to take to the printer of your choice. I have worked with several different printers and am going to provide tips/recommendations for choosing the right one!

Before we get into the online printing options, let’s talk about your design files and specs. When I provide a design file I always include a bleed. 

A bleed is printing/graphics that go beyond the edge of where the sheet will be trimmed. In other words, the bleed is the area to be trimmed off. The bleed is the part on the side of a document that gives the printer a small amount of space to account for movement of the paper, and design inconsistencies.

Another spec you want to consider before choosing an online or local printer is your paper weight. Some websites have 20 options for paper while others have 5. For your wedding materials, I recommend a heavier weight which is usually described as heavy, extra heavy, card stock, premium, or linen. For anything that is being framed, you can stick with the most basic paper weight.

Lowest Cost: Vistaprint & Shutterfly

  • Promotions are a constant occurrence.
  • Limited selection of paper weights.
  • Limited size options.

Best Customization Ability: CatPrint

  • Free samples of their many paper options mailed directly to you.
  • Upload any design and see a quote online before you order.
  • Custom sizes accepted. Simply enter the size of your document.
  • Gold foil, corner rounding, folding and other finishing options.
  • Many different paper weights and finishes including linen, shimmer, gloss, matte, extra heavy stock, kraft, and more!
  • Full bleed printing.
  • Hard copy proof mailed to you before completing your order.
  • Reasonable prices. Don’t usually run sales.

Second Best Customization Ability: Zazzle

  • Set file sizes, but many options to choose from.
  • Six corner-shape options.
  • Twelve different paper weights and finishes including felt, linen, shimmer, gloss, matte, ultra thick, kraft, and more!
  • Full bleed printing.
  • Reasonable pricing and often has sales running.

For my wedding, I chose to use CatPrint. I designed my own invitations and wanted to be able to print foil on them. CatPrint was the only website I could find that would let me do that. I also loved being able to see my design as a hard copy before ordering (I did change things up!). Even with the custom foil, the prices were reasonable!

When trying to choose where you would like to print, you need to consider what is important to you in an invitation. Any of these options are going to lead to great results. I would start by getting a price quote from a few different ones and see what the difference is! You might see that the paper you dreamt your invites would be on is only $20 more.

If you would like to give a local business some work look around your city to see what’s out there! A local printer will give you more attention and customization if that is something you’re looking for. So many options!

Do you have an online printer you love to work with that I didn’t mention? Please comment below so I can share with my clients!

If you are interested in the design services I can offer you, please check me out!

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